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About us

On 1.1.2000 Town development union Ulm/Neu-Ulm was created as a cross-border business development facility. With the establishment of the Town development union both towns wanted to overcome the negative competition of the past, to strengthen their competitiveness, to come together to use existing space development potential and thus to secure and create jobs and contribute towards the strengthening of the regional consciousness. 

The core tasks of the Town development union are, for example, property mediation and assignment, location development and business development from a single source, offering support in the relocation or shared care of existing stock and the common location marketing. 

The Town development union is a public sector unon in accordance with Bavarian law with its headquarters in Neu-Ulm. The essential characteristic is the business tax equalisation between the two towns. The financing is carried out by means of contribution.

Chair and union assembly


Gunter Czisch, the Lord Mayor of Ulm and Katrin Albsteiger, the Lord Mayor of Neu-Ulm alternate yearly with regard to the holding of the chair of the union. The colleague of the neighbouring town acts as representative. In 2022, Lord Mayor Katrin Albsteiger holds the chair.

Union assembly

The following members of the Ulm district council and the Neu-Ulm town council are members of the union assembly.

Town of Ulm

Herr Dr. Richard Böker, Grüne

Frau Banu Cengiz Öner, Grüne

Herr Wolfgang Stittrich, Grüne

Frau Annette Weinreich, Grüne

Herr Gerhard Bühler, FWG

Herrn Karl Faßnacht, FWG

Frau Helga Malischewski, FWG

Frau Dr. Karin Graf, CDU/UfA

Herr Günter Zloch, CDU/UfA

Frau Dr. Karin Hartmann, CDU/UfA

Herr Ralf Milde, FDP

Frau Anja Hirschel, SPD

Frau Eva-Maria Glathe-Braun, SPD

Town of Neu-Ulm

Frau Christiane Ade, CSU

Herr Reinhard Junginger, CSU

Herr Dr. Bernhard Maier, CSU

Herr Thomas Mayer, CSU

Herr Christian Niebling, CSU

Frau Dr. Cornelia Festl, Grüne

Frau Gerlinde Koch, Grüne

Herr Walter Zerb, Grüne

Herr Daniel Fürst, SPD

Frau Silke Sommerfeldt, Freie Wähler

Herr Siegfried Meßner, Pro Neu-Ulm

Herr Günter Gillich, FDP

Frau Eva Treu, Junge Union

SUN – Meeting dates

Here you will find the current meeting dates of the City Development Association Ulm / Neu-Ulm:

  • 26.07.2022 16:00 Uhr / Ulm
  • 18.10.2022 16:00 Uhr / NU
  • 15.12.2022 16:00 Uhr / Ulm

    Alternative dates will be announced in due time.

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    Press reporting

    (only in German)

    In this section, you will find press articles from local and national newspapers on the subject of the business location Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

    Schwäbische Zeitung dated 19 March 2016

    Teva erforscht die Arznei der Zukunft

    Südwestpresse dated 07 May 2008

    Es kam noch besser/It was even better

    Südwestpresse dated 07 May 2008

    Jobwunder hält an/Job wonder continues

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